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Post  mikaeel2013 on Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:44 pm

Real Name (Optional):Mikaeel Bux
Forum name:mikaeel2013
In-Game name:Still to be created
Computer skills(What can you do on a computer? What is your experience, known software such as PHOTOSHOP, VIDEO MODELING, coding, php, mysql):Photoshop ,video modeling etc
Date of birth (M/D/Y or D/M/Y):5 January 1992
Timezone:(+2)South Africa
Country / State:South Africa,Kwa Zulu Natal
E-mail (Optional)
What language(s) do you speak/write?:English,abit of RO,some french,German,italian,czech,Spanish,arabic etc
Why do you want to apply for the job:I want to help out THe players to have a good gaming reduce Hackers...And too make everyone have fun


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