Someone scam me!

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Someone scam me! Empty Someone scam me!

Post  ChrystalGR on Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:34 pm

Someone scam my weapon! Weapon info: Level 80 weapon for warrior upgraded from battle sword +9 with strategy to level 80 weapon +0 but i enchant it to +6. 5 minutes later, i went to the town 1 [LongDon] and some players watch my weapon and say me wow do you sell that weapon? i said no! But i don't show my weapon to none..But 1 minute later the server drop me OUT! And i tried to login but it say me "Failed to connect to the server." i tried up to 50 times. I exit the client. I reboot my computer and next i open the client,i login and i login to my user. Now i am in the town 1 [LongDon] i look that i don't wear Armor and Weapon! I open the inventory and i look that my armor is not wearing and it is in the list of the inventory but the weapon disappeared ! Sad someone scam me or some bug appeared to my account! Please make something i need my weapon back!This is important topic please answer to me!Thx
Name in-game: Chrystal
Level: 96-97
Kingdom: Jinno [Blue] Kingdom
Town scammed: Longdon


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